Hosting of Municipal Wastewater Portal

The web application e-Kommunalabwasser provides the user with data to comply with the EU reporting obligation on wastewater treatment plants, council direc­tive 91/271/EEC and allows to update the data and to automatically generate the XML report formats required by the European Commission (COM).

Furthermore it is possible to query the data and to import data in an enhanced CSV format, e.g. from other appli­cations.

Currently the web application is enhanced by further QA tests and by numerous improvements concerning the administration of the application and the federal states data. In course of these works, the database is extended to handle data according to article 17 of the directive. In early 2016 the export function for article 15 data was reorganised to conform to a new report format of the COM and a temporary export function for data according to article 17 of the directive has been implemented. The XÖV certified XML interface, conforming to XUKommunal­ab­wasser for export and import of article 15 data  is currently tested.

ENDA operates the application in a BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) conformant high security environment. To keep up the safety level, currently a migration of the web application source code from Ruby on Rails framework version 4 to the newly released version 5 is accomplished.

Registered users find their data for the reporting periods DE2014, DE2012, DE2011, DE2008 and DE2005 there – after finalisation of the current period now write protected. When the COM starts a new reporting period the users can work on their data for the new period as usual.

The e-Kommunalabwasser Wiki (portal) can be found here.

Sketch of the Report Entities

Municipal Wastewater Superstructure
Municipal Wastewater Superstructure