Interdisciplinary Research

ENDA works together with different research institutions for each specific task.

For the development of the operating concepts for the reduction of complexity in the user guide, improvment of information provision and a uniform and intuitive user experience, ENDA worked together with the Department of Interface Design Fachhochschule Potsdam, Prof. Dr. Heidmann (projects XUBetrieb and MIFLEX).

In the Project P23R4FLEX, ENDA collaborated with Fraunhofer FOKUS to use the research results of their sample-implementation of the process-data-accelerator (P23R-Sample-Implementation) for productive use for a large industrial company.

At ENDA we believe cooperation with research institutions is the best way to acquire comprehensive knowledge of new technologies. We examine these for their practicality and if they offer advantages that we believe are sustainable, we integrate them into our portfolio.