There are many well-known features that one would think are common and standard in newly developed software. Unfortunately this is not the case as can be seen in several specialist applications. We are proud to develop modern software that is pleasant to operate and has the features you require.

Here's what you can expect in each solution:


Full text search. No matter what processes your application for data, a fast full-text search is one of them, so you can find quickly on Monday, the work which you left off on Friday.


Historicizing. Has Mr Niemeyer messed up your data? Or maybe you simply want to see how a record has changed between 2011 and today. Old data is archived. All of it.


Individual queries, query tool. No matter how much thought you give to which queries you will probably need - eventually you will need others. Our search tool allows you to create these. Almost as powerful as SQL, but much more user friendly.


Plots. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a plot more than a thousand rows in a table of values. Whether simple time series, box plot or a double logarithmic with superimposed Bagel Chart - we visualise your data.


Import/Export. Now you have your data in the system, but you need it elsewhere. Or you get new data, but it is more than you can enter manually. Our systems are not islands; We provide import and export. In your format, whether it is XML or a binary specialty.


Modern Services. Web-services allow different applications to communicate with each other. ENDA develops modern web services using the principles of “REST” (REpresentational State Transfer).


Plausibility. Whether new values or results are valid, can often be determined by a plausibility check. Typical tests are value range, often dependent on other values, or the values progress. With this you can account for the accuracy of a value, for example "Whatever leaves system A, has to re-enter in system B".


TML is a modeling language developed by ENDA. It simplifies the development of database, user interface, query tool, and other program modules and can be used for creating the documentation. TML especially reduces the costs associated with changes to the data model, because a change in one place works in many places.


Component-based architecture. Our appli­ca­tions are component-based. This allows program code to be reused, more easily debugged and better documented. For us it's economy of time, you are saving expenses.


UNDO does not need much explanation. Fine if it works. Enables you to roll back any number of changes. Step by step and without calling the admin.