Municipal wastewater campaign operation

As part of our reporting in accordance with EU Urban Wastewater Directive 91/271/EEC, we support the Federal Environment Agency in the areas of hosting, support and maintenance of the web-based UDIS application e-municipal waste water.

The scope of services includes the following points:

  • Ensuring the necessary security requirements for the server and the web application
  • Ensuring the availability of the application
  • Multiple daily backups during the reporting campaign
  • Maintenance of the support interfaces
  • Maintenance and, if necessary, extension of access authorizations
  • Maintaining models and ensuring the operation of the database application, particularly taking into account aspects of quality assurance and historical data management.
  • Maintenance and updating of existing lists, in particular in accordance with EU requirements
  • Preparation of new data collection(s)
  • The software is maintained under GNU General Public Licences (GPL) v. 3
  • Update of the documentation in the e-municipal wastewater Wiki