BSI-compliant hosting

ENDA Secure Cloud - If we run your application, you can sleep peacefully [1].


ENDA operates web applications in a secure server infrastructure developed in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BSI). This ensures that your data and other systems are not threatened by the operation. Many companies still don't care how their web applications are run. The relevant advertising brochures of the market leaders weigh them in safety. However, constantly inventing new terms for marketing does not help here - especially if the back doors are installed ex works. The BSI has created a hard and vendor-neutral catalogue of requirements that guarantees a very high level of security for the operation of web applications if it is correctly implemented. Most requirements are recommended by common sense, but this way nothing can be forgotten: No software is installed that is not necessary for operation. No users are configured that are not necessary for operation.

Each machine is equipped with firewalls that only allow the services that are absolutely necessary. This applies both inbound and outbound. Each machine is equipped with a virus scanner in the latest version and is checked daily for viruses. The virus patterns are updated before each scan. Each machine has a host-based intrusion detection system installed that detects suspicious changes to files and monitors other critical points. But we do not want to repeat the entire IT-Grundschutzkatalog here. Another important aspect is the division of all services into individual, encapsulated network segments and the 24/7 monitoring of all machines via a dedicated maintenance network. Of course we mirror your databases and protect them with the same care against unauthorized access. The really good thing about it: It is not even particularly expensive. Talk to us.