eBIS Core Format - Soil Protection 1.0

The eBIS XML core format "Soil Protection 1.0" is used to transfer data for soil monitoring in Germany with as little effort as possible for the data provider.
It supports data exchange between the federal states and the Federal Environment Agency through an open interface, which is available both in the form of an MS Access file and in the form of an XML schema. The XML schema and structure of the MS Access file are completely analog, so that they can be converted into each other.

The eBIS core format "Soil Protection 1.0" is already used in the transmission process between the Soil Authority and the Federal Environment Agency of two countries. Access files (.accdb) in soil protection 1.0 format are filled from the country data sources and quality assured on site. The Access files are then converted electronically into the soil protection 1.0 XML format and imported into the central soil database eBIS of the Federal Environment Agency.

For processing outside the eBIS web application, complete data sets can be converted into SQLServer databases as well as into access files and thus made available to other research institutions, for example.

Ausschnitt aus der grafischen Darstellung des eBIS XML Schemas
Extract from the graphical representation of the eBIS XML Schema
eBIS Konvertierungsprozeduren "Bodenschutz 1.0"
eBIS Conversion Procedures

An interactive, graphical representation of the XML Schema core format "Soil Protection 1.0" can be found here.

To use the XML core format "Soil Protection 1.0", download the following files as required: