Data Models

When it comes to creating data reporting models for the environmental sector we have a unique expertise.

The data models
  • Groundwater,
  • Lakes,
  • EPER (European Pollutant Emission Register) and PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register)
  • Municipal wastewater,
  • MARS (Major Accident Reporting System), ZEMA (central incident database),
  • eBIS (electronical soil information system)

and many other have been developed and maintained by us.

Under the MIFLEX research project we have combined the separate data models of the central application for the 11th and 13th BImSchV reports and the PRTR reports and derived a common data model with clear identifiers.

As part of the research project XUBetrieb, we have created a set of model components from which data models for environmental reports can be created. The XUBetrieb model components were used to demonstrate the practical application of the Urban Waste Water Treatment reports. Both have been established public standards and XÖV certified.

Core of the eBis data model
Core of the eBIS data model.